Miss Berbice Beauty Pageant set for November 18!

BeFunky Collage.pngTwelve Berbician beauties will be vying for the coveted title of Miss Berbice in the upcoming I’m a BIG Deal beauty pageant which will go down on Saturday, November 18 at the Albion Sports Complex (Tarmac).

Young women in Berbice are being prepared to be the change they want to see in their communities through the first inaugural I’m a BIG deal women empowerment beauty pageant. It promises to be one of the most exciting pageant experience Berbice has ever seen and will be packed with fun for the whole family and entertainment from local stars. Let’s meet the delegates:  Continue reading “Miss Berbice Beauty Pageant set for November 18!”

Sneak Peek of Miss Universe Guyana 2017 Costume.

Rafieya Husain CostumeSneak Peek of Miss Universe Guyana 2017 Rafieya Aasieya Husain National Costume Entitled “The Jewel of Guyana”.

Hidden deep in the Amazon, home to the world’s tallest single drop waterfalls. It’s an artistic depiction of the majestic Kaieteur Falls. Dazzling in nature’s illusions of wondrous minerals in times of golden topaz, canary diamonds, me giving crystals rain. Giving life to the lands and pride to its people, Kaieteur, the jewel of Guyana. The costume stands eight feet tall and cascades over 10 yards of beaded silk organza. It is layered with over 20,000 crystals and 100 yards of crystal strands, ending in a plume of white spray. This is all done in a relief asymmetrical design, rich in gold and topaz tones. The concept of this costume was put together by Miss Universe Guyana herself with execution of the design by Richard and Anthony.

Meet Miss World Guyana 2017

Guyana_new_3Name: Veena Mookram

Age: 18

Height: 167

Occupation: Student (Economics)

Language: English, a little Spanish

Currently studying for a Degree in Economics, Vena has ambitions to become an Economist in Guyana’s Oil and Gas industry. She is passionate about being physically active and is very adventurous, her other ambition is to climb Mount Roraima which borders Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. Vena enjoys reading and is a huge Harry Potter fan. Her proudest day is graduating from her course with distinction. Personal Motto: ‘There’s always some reason to smile. You just need to remember the positives and not let the negatives keep you down.’