Miss World Guyana 2019 Competition Postponed!


April 1st, 2019,  Georgetown, Guyana: Majesty International, the official license holders of the Miss World franchise today announce the postponement of the 2019 Miss World Guyana competition which was scheduled for May 26th, 2019 at National Cultural Centre, Georgetown, Guyana.

The organisation is now accelerating a global restructuring program to build on the progress the Miss World brand has made in executing social programs to best serve the Guyanese community on a long-term basis. The restructuring will also give the organization opportunities to foster personal and professional growth among young people and create marketing opportunities to bring differentiated value and innovation to related industries.

At the organization’s brainstorming session held recently, License Holder, Natasha Martindale said, “We will make Guyana’s Miss World license a franchise for the people and one that focuses more on boosting overall moral than the glitzy outcome of the journey which in turn would unveil greater paths to success for those choosing to get involved”

missworld2020The 2019 Miss Guyana’s application and recruitment campaign returned an overwhelming response to the recruitment cycle with 73 entrants and 65 active and potential candidates of which a total of 30 received invitations to the casting call worldwide. The casting call was postponed facilitating an improved program that would better prepare all entrants for success at every level of the journey regardless of their circumstances or outcome. We are committed to building the confidence of our youth by taking this task even more seriously and as a result, National Director, Natasha Martindale took the initiative to shift the timeline for 2019 competition to 2020 whilst addressing some key recurring issues directly impacting the quality of journeys every year.

To ensure our candidates are given a better chance at competing at the national and international level we will be giving them more time to prepare by introducing a preparatory period whereby candidates would gain the confidence that is required to become the face of Guyana. A longer preparation period would build more visibility, add value, boost confidence, build character and the resilience for each journey to be more meaningful.

Adding to the preparation period, the organization is currently finalizing a multimillion-dollar prize package including a cash prize of One Million Guyana Dollars for the Miss World Guyana 2020 including USA & UK/EUROPE media tour, promoting Guyana and Guyanese brands internationally.

Although the decision to delayed the competition was not an easy one, the organisation believes it is one that would better promote cultural heritage and social cohesion throughout our regions; create well rounded role models that other young people would emulate –especially since approximately 57% of the people in Guyana are under the age of 26; and, drawing on best practices to determine how we can all work together to a present a more youthful presence as the face of our country to boost tourism across the regions and added value to all partners.

As a result of this restructuring, the recruitment cycle for Miss World Guyana 2020 is extended to May 15th, 2019 with the 2020 quarterfinalist journey being announced at a later date in May. Those who planned to apply for 2020 journey are invited to do so now at http://www.missworldguyana.gy and or via our facebook/Instagram pages. Candidates who already apply and were invited to the casting call need not reapply and are currently being reevaluated as quarterfinalists on submission of their paperwork.

In the coming weeks, the organisation promises to release continuous updates in relating to the 2020 Miss World Guyana national competition with the announcement of Mr. World Guyana to follow soon.

NATASHA MARTINDALE-National Director, Miss World Guyana

CEO, Majesty International

(Guyana’s License holder of the Miss World Organization)


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