Shameeza “Jasmine” Wong is Miss Black San Guyana 2019!

Name: Shameeza “Jasmine” Wong

Age: 26

Zodiac sign : Cancer

Favorite color: Black & Red

Favorite Dish: Pepper Shrimp

At 5ft 7″ Shameeza Wong is a classic example of the Guyanese melting pot representing  the six ethnic group in Guyana. With a passion for the arts and things cultural being involved in drama as an actress and member of the Theatre Guild. Her perseverance and work landed her an award for best supporting actress in a short play “Guilty Pleasure” by Nicola Moonsammy in the Guyana National Drama Festival 2014. Her love for the Arts expands to poetry being a part of Camp Refugee and ElleGee Productions that involves choral speaking poetry and theatrical acts and Ssignal Productions(a Guyanese music and movie record label).

57325158_1062023794008925_1881331714442133504_nShe also enjoys spending some time at the Volunteer Youth corps every Christmas coordinating events and activities to spread joy to little faces from the community. This Bella is not all face and body but holds a Bachelors of Social science degree in Communication, Certificate in directing stage plays and a certified Make-up Artist. In her quiet times she enjoys wine and some good old cooking with music from the 70’s and 80’s, which she believes were the best days in the world of music.

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