Guyana places Top 8 At Miss Princess of the World 2019!

Guyana’s representative to Miss Princess of the World® 2019,  Jasoda Ramlagan secured a spot in the Top 8 at the world finals that was held in the Mediterranean, on board the largest European cruise ship MSC BELLISSIMA. The Guyanese beauty also copped the Miss Photo MSC Bellissima (Photogenic) Award via online voting. Miss Portugal Silva Alves secured the coveted crown, while Kateryna Kachashvili from the Ukraine won first runner up, and the second runner up spot went to Argentina’s, Estrella Celeste Bonifacio.

This year’s finale was held in the form of a weekly competition of the super finalists of the competition. With the participation of several thousand spectators throughout the event, the girls demonstrated their communication skills and charming performances, and competed in several competitive disciplines, with the participation of an official jury. Disciplines included Best National Costume, Miss Bikini (designer Aneta Hamidi), Fashion Show (designer Jiřina Tauchmanová), Interview (designer Luděk Hanák) and Miss Photo MSC Bellissima, which enjoyed the interest of both the public and the spectators on the boat itself, as well as at external stops.

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Most of the final jury, which included representatives from the Czech Republic, Argentina, Guyana, Malta and MSC Bellissima, this time had the opportunity to spend the whole week with the girls, and get to know them thoroughly, not only during the on board activities. The programme was accompanied by excursions and filming in each visited destination, and officially closed on 26.5.2019. Something specific to Miss Princess of the World® is the concept of this unprepared 3-minute conversation in one of the world’s languages, so that the girl and her reactions can be judged by the jury. The evaluation by the jury is always online during the discipline via tablets, under the supervision of an official supervisor at the server location, so as to exclude private agreements and deals, or influence on the members of the jury.

In the final parade on the stage of the packed ship’s theatre, the Carusel Lounge, designed specifically for the world famous Cirque de Soleil, only and also for our event this evening, the girls in the brilliant dresses by the Czech designer Luděk Hanák enjoyed great applause for the last time. Together, the announcing president of the competition, Ing Viktor Krča, with leading  Czech designer, Mrs. Jiřina Tauchmanová, decorated the head of the winner with a beautiful crystal crown.

Miss Princess of the World® is an international competition for girls aged 16-26, which is one of the world’s most prestigious beauty competitions. “Princesses of the world are not only charming and elegant, but smart and capable ladies, presenting themselves and their countries in one of the world languages”, explained the president of the competition Ing. Viktor Krča, with Miss Princess of the World distinguishing itself from classic beauty competitions by including other disciplines too.  The girls must convince the jury that they can work with modern communication tools and master the basics of diplomatic protocol. Another difference is the combination of beauty and business within the motto of “beauty and business”. Therefore, the WORLD FINAL project always includes a small Business Forum of Economic Diplomacy, with the participation of representatives of Czech business, as well as foreign investors and companies, which in 2019 is being prepared after the final of the autumn promotion with winners in the Czech Republic.

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