Anita Baker is Miss Venus Model Guyana 2019!

Anita Baker, a 22 years old model, and cosmetologist will be representing Guyana at the Annual Miss Venus Caribbean Competition this upcoming weekend in Anguilla.  Anita is currently  pursuing her studies in International Relations. She consider herself as an extraordinary woman who is also limitless with the platform  focusing on Domestic Violence under the theme “Giving Her a Second Chance”. Her aim is to reassure women that they can achieve peace after Domestic Violence and ensuring that they understand that they are too special to stay in Domestic Violence situations.

60334431_1267775210042299_684093500324577280_oShe believes that her contribution to society can show women that they are not only strong and brave, but they are limitless and they can affect change of any magnitude in society. Thus, motivating them to be the best versions of themselves and to always run the extra mile for greater success in every area of their lives. “I always tell myself that no one can determine how successful I become in life but myself and in order to activate my highest potential, I must be ready to take risk and face challenges. I would wish nothing else but to pass on that confidence to the young women of society who may not have much belief in themselves”.   Ms. Baker will compete with beauties from across the Caribbean. Each delegates will be judged in various categories including Promotional video, Interview, Cocktail Party Wear, Swimwear Choice, Cultural Speech, Cultural Swimwear and Evening Gown. Click here to view her promotional video Miss Venus Model Caribbean is a Competition that promotes Cultural Diversity and Empowering Young Women.

61833852_2046036635506044_4129102238918377472_o.jpgCaribbean society is known for its historical and colorful culture and includes an array of elements that represent the Caribbean people. It is that splendid culture that inspired Ms. Sheila Harrigan; CEO of Miss Venus Caribbean in her quest to do something meaningful for young women in the Caribbean nation, a nation that has brought unique traditions, sophistication and beauty to the world. It is precisely that inspiration that prompted Ms. Harrigan to find a way to give back to her community. Night after night, Ms. Harrigan searched for how best to make a difference. It occurred to her that a fundraising event that could assist the Bacchanal Splendor Troupe of Parades was the answer. Like a bolt of lightning, the inspiration came in the form of the Miss Venus Model Swim Suit competition, a competition that would help promote Caribbean cultural diversity. Above all, it would encourage self-confidence and edification, all while embracing service through the crown.  Miss Venus Model Caribbean give precedence to charitable events and promote education amongst the participants, the community and their team. Miss Venus Model Guyana 2018 was Onesha Hutson who copped the 2nd Runner Up spot.

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