First Ever Miss Region 4 Teen Pageant!

The Miss Region 4 Teen With A Purpose Pageant is the first ever. This Pageant goes with a theme, “Eradicating illiteracy through reading.”  This great initiative steamed from a person who loves pageantry and fashion, Miss Pamela Vaughn. Miss Vaughn is currently an English teacher at the Hope Secondary School. Continue reading “First Ever Miss Region 4 Teen Pageant!”

Meet the Miss Emancipation Queens 2019 Finalist!

The Miss Emancipation show is hosted during the month of Emancipation, August, and is incorporated in the national calendar of activities for Emancipation month. Under the theme “ Recolouring Culture in All Shades”,  this year pageant will be held on August 17, 2019 at the National Cultural Centre. The Miss Emancipation show is a highly anticipated occasion that takes the form of an African gala. It is one of the few occasions in which Guyanese adorn themselves in their African attire showcasing the richness of the culture. The main aim of the show is to showcase the beauty of the African culture while promoting community development and edifying our patrons on our African heritage, our challenges and solutions. Continue reading “Meet the Miss Emancipation Queens 2019 Finalist!”

Miss Culture Queen Guyana 2019 is Arian Dahlia Richmond!

Colourful, vibrant Dahlias bring beauty to the environment. Arian Dahlia Richmond, well known as Dahlia, stands tall at 5″8 from the land of many waters and oil, Guyana. Born as a cookup of cultures to Guyanese parents, Arian, at 20 years old represents the beauty of a true Guyanese woman blessed with silky ebony African skin, rich East Indian heritage and a refined Portuguese twang styled with trendy natural charcoal hair.  Her personality is super positive, vibrant, stubborn and welcoming, and can brighten up your day no matter how damp it may feel. Continue reading “Miss Culture Queen Guyana 2019 is Arian Dahlia Richmond!”

Mrs India Guyana 2019 is Kristal Inshan!

This 26 years old beauty is a successful business entrepreneur and a mother of one who is currently pursuing her degree at Cambridge University. As a little girl, she always dreamt of travelling the world and visiting incredibly beautiful paradises. However, her  childhood was not as exciting as her only constant travels were between homes at Anna Catherina and Herstelling. Continue reading “Mrs India Guyana 2019 is Kristal Inshan!”

Miss Teen India Guyana 2019 is Yashmini Amisha Sarjoo!

Growing up she has always dreamt of becoming apart of a theatrical spectacular, excel academically and to work at a prestigious institution. Today at only 17 years of age, she has made all this a reality as a result of her strength, hard work and determination. Continue reading “Miss Teen India Guyana 2019 is Yashmini Amisha Sarjoo!”