Miss Guyana Diwali Sari Pageant is making a comeback!

The Guyana Divya Jyoti Association is bringing back the Miss Guyana Diwali Sari Pageant this year. The finals will be held during the annual Diwali Motorcade in celebration of the auspicious “Diwali”, The Festival of Lights. We are happy to introduce you to the Top 5 finalists that will be vying for the title of “Guyana Divya Jyoti Sari Queen 2019”.

PicMonkey Collage4Delegate #1- TRUVANIE PERSAUD

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Student

Goals/Future Career: Psychologist

Experience: Bladen Hall Multilateral Pageant Top 3 & Miss Congeniality, Miss India Guyana 2018 Finalist & Miss Beautiful Hair

Hobbies: Modeling, Pageantry, Sports, Makeup

Favourite Colour: Purple

Role Model: Myself, because for me, every day is an endeavor to do better than yesterday

Something Special/Exceptional about myself: I am not afraid of failure, in fact, I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success.

Hidden Talent: Makeup Artist

Favourite Quote: You owe it to yourself, be the best version of yourself.

Reason for joining this Pageant: I think this would be a wonderful experience in a lifetime to learn and know everything about an Indian culture. Pageants also give you a platform to express yourself and what you feel. It gives you the opportunity to voice their opinion infront of others and the opportunity to make a change in society. Most importantly, to improve on your personality and etiquette.


Current Age: 19 years old

Platform: Women Empowerment

Occupation: Office clerk level 1

Goals/Future Career: Certified Public Accountant

Experience: 2015 School Sari pageant

Hobbies: Reading, Web Surfing & listening to Music

Favourite Colour: Black

Role Model: Guyana’s Shivanie Latchman & Indian Actress Jaquline Fernandes

Something Special/Exceptional about myself: Being Humorous, Passion for Fashion

Hidden Talent: Loves Writing

Favourite Quote: If you don’t get out of the box you have been raised in, you wouldn’t understand how much bigger the world is.

Reason for joining this Pageant: The above Pageant will entail me to reach out to young women and encourage them to just “BE BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS AND STAY DEVOTED TO THEIR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT”

PicMonkey Collage3Delegate #3- MADHURIE RAISHMA RAMGOLAM

Current Age: 18 years old

Platform: Teen Suicide

Occupation: Finance Clerk

Goals/Future Career: ACCA Qualified Accountant

Experience: Workstudy Student (Accounts Department) Parliament office

Hobbies: Reading

Favourite Colour: Black

Role Model: Maya Persaud

Something Special/Exceptional about myself: Passionate, Self Sufficient, optimistic and trust worthy

Hidden Talent: Dancing & Cooking

Favourite Quote: Failure is just another stepping stone for greatness. Never stop believing in yourself.

Reason for joining this Pageant: I would like my voice to be heard on my platform “Teen Suicide”. Also, I have always had a passion for modelling as a child growing up. This would be my opportunity to express myself as a young lady.

PicMonkey Collage2Delegate #4- NIKITO NAFEEZA LOCHAN

Current Age: 21

Platform: Motivation and Empowerment of Juvenile Delinquents

Occupation: Marketing & Sales Agent.

Goals/Future Career: Owner of Cupcake Business

Experience: Dancing & Customer Service Representative

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Writing Short Stories & Hanging out with Friends & Family

Favourite Colour: Blue

Role Model: None

Something Special/Exceptional about myself: Taking old recipes and creating something new and different out of them

Hidden Talent: Homemade Crafts

Favourite Quote: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Reason for joining this Pageant: To motivate young women to follow their dreams, build a sisterhood and help eliminate stigma and discrimination among people.

PicMonkey Collage1Delegate #5- SARAH ALANA MADRAMOOTOO

Current Age: 19 years old

Platform: Preventing Suicide & Fighting for a Positive Body Image

Occupation: Floor Coordinating Supervisor at Balwant Singh Hospital

Goals/Future Career: Proper mindset and balance, Degree in Pharmacology, Start a Domestic Violence Awareness Movement, and to be happy in life

Experience: Miss Hope Secondary 2014

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Yoga & Crossword Puzzles

Favourite Colour: Baby Pink

Role Model: Priyanka Chopra

Something Special/Exceptional about myself: I am a very good communicator and find it easy for me to relate to people

Hidden Talent: Brow Dancing

Favourite Quote: Be the change you want to see in the world- Mahatma Gandhi

Reason for joining this Pageant: To represent my culture, fight for a positive body image and represent young women.

The Miss Guyana Diwali Sari Pageant is an annual event which co-sides with the Festival of Lights. Taken the form of a competition, the Guyana Diwali Sari Pageant has gone a long way back. The Guyana Sanatan Dharam Maha Sabha started this contest in the 1960’s. This Hindu Religious Organization promoted this Pageant for 30 years, from 1960 to 1990. Pete’s Promotion took it over in 1991 and ran it for three consecutive years before Club Illustions Promotions, headed by Ms. Yvonne Webster, took over. Mr. Sheik Yassin Promotions promoted this Sari Pageant in 2000 & 2001, while Ms. Indira Balgobin promoted it in 2003. Pete’s Promotion came back in 1996, making it two Diwali Sari Pageants in that year. There were also two pageants in 1993, the other one was promoted by Top Rank promotions headed by Sri Yoogeandra, who introduced the talent segment, followed by Club Illusions Promotions in 1994. It is important to note that the Mahatma Gandhi Organization also organized and promoted this annual Diwali Sari Pageant during the 60’s & 70’s.

According to my research, this Diwali Sari Pageant started at Grove on the East Bank Demerara and was organized by Dr. Balwant Singh, Pt. Reepu Daman Persaud, Justice Prem Persaud, Mr. Tappie Singh, an Attorney-at-Law, Artiste/Promoter Mr. Arthur Budhram & Mr. Sugrim Gobin. For over 30 years this popular instrumental song “Suhanie Raat Nee Dal Chukie” from the ever green movie “Dularie” was played for the charming contestants to display their richly decorated & elaborate saris.

In the early days this Diwali Sari Pageant used to be a two-night event, which also included a singing and dancing competition. In 1958, Miss Sachi Persaud was crowned the Diwali Queen, while Miss Veronica Persaud copped the crown in 1959. In 1961, the Diwali crown went to the wife of the former late Minister, Mr. Ranji Chandi Singh. There was no Diwali Sari Pageant in 1962. In 1963 Miss Janet Rajnarine was crowned the queen by the then Premier, Dr. Cheddi Jagan. In 1964, Miss Fazia Ali won this Sari contest at the Queen’s College Auditorium, the first Muslim to be crowned a Diwali Queen. The pageant then moved to the East Indian Cricket Ground, now Everest, before going to the National Park.

In 1965, the crown went to Miss Rita Singh, then Miss Shakira Baksh in 1966, who went on to represent Guyana at the Miss World beauty Contest in 1967, and was placed 2nd Runner up. In 1967, Miss Guytri Singh was crowned the Diwali Queen. Miss Pamela Lord won in 1968; and she also went on to represent Guyana at the Miss World Beauty Contest in 1969 & was placed 3rd Runner up. Miss Sandra Singh won in 1969, Miss Safurah Khan in 1970, Miss Rehana Ali in 1971, Miss Sherry Yassin in 1972, Miss Mahadai Das in 1973, Miss Yasmin Hussain in 1974, Miss Pat Tamana in 1975, Miss Leila Samaroo in 1976, Miss Paula Singh in 1977, Miss Radica Singh in 1978, Miss Annette Sahib in 1979, Miss Evelyn Shivdat in 1980, Miss Zennie Indroutie Dhanraj in 1981, Miss Dianne D’Oliveria in 1982, Miss Neelo Singh in 1983, Miss Natasha Saywack in 1984, Miss Coleen Detering in 1985, Miss Meena Santdasani in 1986, Miss Sandra Debichand in 1987, Miss Yashoda Persaud in 1988, Miss Nazeela Rahaman in 1989, Miss Kristina Ann Camacho in 1990, Miss Carol Ann Lynch in 1991 (Mrs World 2006 top 5)  , Miss Sharon Bhola in 1992, Miss Marcelle Veeren in 1993, Miss Elizabeth Persaud in 1994, Miss Nadira Sewsankar in 1995. In 1996, there were two Diwali Queens – Miss Subrina Brijmohan of Pete’s Promotion & Miss Nalini Persaud of Club Illusions Promotions. There was no Diwali Sari Contest in 1997 & 1998. Miss Nadira Yadram won in 1999, while Miss Nelli Lakhan won the 2000 Queen of Lights. In 2001, Miss Hema Taruna Singh copped the crown. There was no Diwali Sari Pageant in 2002. In 2003 the crown went to Subrina Prittipaul . There were no Diwali Pageants in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2009 the crown went to Miss Devi Ramcharitar, who was the last Diwali queen in Guyana, as there was no Diwali Pageant since.

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