Meet the Miss World Guyana 2020 Quarter-finalists!

Majesty International, the official license holders of the Miss World franchise has selected the Quarter finalists  to compete in the Miss World Guyana 2020 national competition set for May 2020. The organisation is now accelerating a global restructuring program to build on the progress the Miss World brand has made in executing social programs to best serve the Guyanese community on a long-term basis. The restructuring will also give the organization opportunities to foster personal and professional growth among young people and create marketing opportunities to bring differentiated value and innovation to related industries.

At the organization’s brainstorming session, License Holder, Natasha Martindale said, “We will make Guyana’s Miss World license a franchise for the people and one that focuses more on boosting overall moral than the glitzy outcome of the journey which in turn would unveil greater paths to success for those choosing to get involved”. To ensure our candidates are given a better chance at competing at the national and international level; the organisation will be giving them more time to prepare by introducing a preparatory period whereby candidates would gain the confidence that is required to become the face of Guyana. A longer preparation period would build more visibility, add value, boost confidence, build character and the resilience for each journey to be more meaningful. Adding to the preparation period, the organization is currently finalizing a multimillion-dollar prize package including a cash prize of One Million Guyana Dollars for the Miss World Guyana 2020 including USA & UK/EUROPE media tour, promoting Guyana and Guyanese brands internationally.

Preparatory Period: With this new model, our candidate’s journey will be more wholesome with more time to prepare and train. Guyana will see increase participation of qualified candidate who will be ready for ”ANY” stage and/or environment geared towards professional growth/development at the end of this journey. It is our hope to improve collaboration/partnerships between various stakeholders, including media, government organizations, civil society organizations, and the academic institutions/communities as we(together) continue to build Guyana with role models we can all be proud of –thus promoting better support at the local, regional, national and international levels. Announcement of Semifinalists will be within the period of Jan to March 2020 and Finalists with be announced within the period of March to May 2020.

Lets meet some of the Quarter finalists:

65042050_1596608413808686_8767011399214825472_nAALIYAH ANTHONY: Aaliyah Anthony hails from Lethem and describes herself first and foremost as a daughter of the soil. A 20-Year-old advocate and entrepreneur, She is a multifaceted young woman that is brilliant, strong, energetic and determined. Aaliyah prides herself on being an outgoing, confident person that enjoys, reading, traveling and wildlife photography. She believes that everyone has a purpose and we all should try our best to unleash our full potential.

62962336_1591512657651595_6510116225308164096_nABEENA GOMES: She is a light, She is a peaceful Soul. Born on the beautiful island of Wakenaam, Abeena Sabrina Gomes is a tall glass of creativity. At 20 years old, she is a second-year Computer Science student at the University of Guyana with a passion for self-expression and all things STEAM and as such, she uses her creativity to foster personal growth and for those she encounters. Employed as a Solutions Manager for Scotch Bonnet Ltd Abeena is exposed to the realm of Marketing, Web Design and philanthropy on a daily basis. She is also an active member of her church and is often involved in community projects catering to Youth Development.

65706153_1601872926615568_5027906200956567552_nALICIA JORDAN: Alicia Jordan is a vibrant character, born and raised in the United Kingdom. Though based in London, this 22 year old is of Guyanese heritage. Her mother grew up in Georgetown while her father was raised in West Demerara. Alicia’s childhood memories consist of Dobby Dobson, Gregory Issac, Billy Ocean, Cook up Rice, Pepperpot and more. During adolescence Alicia grew an interest in the development and stories of individuals. Due to this, she went on to pursue a degree in Psychology at the University of Southampton. During her time there she was introduced to many flourishing opportunities. She volunteered at the Sexual Health Research department and became a member of Jazzmanix and KMCF singing communities. Such communities paved the way for Alicia to support various acts on X Factor & Britain’s Got Talent as a backing vocalist choir member. This choir later went on to tour the UK in Sister Act Live. Now a psychology graduate, Alicia hopes to use her degree to support individuals, and as a result has applied to the Miss World Guyana 2020 competition. Her aim is to network and build a team of influential persons to make a difference in the lives of Guyanese residing both in Guyana and the United Kingdom. Alicia is also thrilled about developing her beauty with a purpose campaign, but she also looks forward to seeing how this journey might mold her future endeavors.

62524894_1584148535054674_2297288426497507328_oALIYA WONG: Someone who has a vision of who she wants to be and where she wants to be and goes after it to make that vision a reality. Miss Guyana Talented Teen 2016 achieving one for the history books being the first Guyanese to place on the international leg, she earned Guyana the spot of 1st runner up. Being one of Guyana’s top athlete, she is a 3rd-degree black belt that holds the titles of 3-time world IKD karate champion, Pan-American, South American, Caribbean and National karate champion titles. She is beauty and brains, this young lady has substantial academic achievements Being 5th amongst the top CXC students of her region and school securing 13 CXC subjects with distinctions and grade 2s. She also was the top student of various subject areas earning her the literacy award and other prizes. Previous Head prefect and student Body Representative of the West Demerara Secondary School, her diligence in being an all-round student was recognized by Our Honorable First Lady Mrs.Sandra Granger amongst other officials at the Regional Awards Ceremony. Having a drive to continuously elevate herself,, she is a current student at the University of Guyana pursuing a Bachelors degree in Marketing and is working towards making a positive impact in the life of others through her career. You can find her volunteering her time in teaching children and adults Karate and self-defense classes at a religious youth institute at 67 Berbice and at the Guyana Karate College.

62154065_1584691191667075_5964005378365587456_oBRITTANY SINGH: This Digital Marketing professional is 23-year-old Brittany Jamie Ann Singh, a young, motivated and inspired entrepreneur. Dancing, modeling, camping, and baking are just a few of her many talents and hobbies. She creates personalized gift items using paper/cardboard and is a youth motivator, assisting persons who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Although she not academically qualified, she is experienced and feel that her advice can guide and help youths down a safe path. She is a dendrophile and overall nature lover even though she is allergic to mud, the fun is worth the risk.

64533640_1591400660996128_3166512536451284992_nEDERLE STEPHEN: Ederle Kimberly Stephen is a 20-year-old Berbician who is currently a Medical Student with the aim of becoming a Cardiologist. A graduate of President’s College who has a great passion for sports, dancing and music. She is forever thankful for life’s lessons and live by the philosophy, do good and it shall return to you. She is a sister to four siblings, a Scorpio and a believer of Astrology. Also a gold medalist for High Jumping at her Schools’ National Championships and best female athlete for four years in High School. She consider herself a fashionista and a flashy nerd, who is a “hoarder of shoes and a book worm” like most of her friends would say.

69841087_1661263190676541_6055032867992371200_nGABRIELLA CHAPMAN: Born on July 25th 1995, in the land of many waters, is 24 year old Gabriella Chapman whom everyone calls “Gabby”. She is an amiable person who thrives on learning and experiencing new things, also a well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. Gabby grew up in Bartica, a beautiful tranquil town in Region Seven. Graduating with 9 subjects CXC and walking away with the award for best graduating student in English Language, Gabby went on to serve as an English, Agricultural Science and Health & Family Life Education teacher at the Bartica Secondary School. It was during her time as a teacher, she discovered her love and passion for empowering children to be dream achievers, especially young girls. She later ventured into to the world of pageantry, and participated in six pageants. Mr & Ms University of Guyana Student Society pageant 2015 where she emerged as first runner up, Miss Emancipation 2016 – second runner up, Miss Mash Queen 2017 – first runner up and Miss Bartica Regatta 2017 – Queen, Miss Guyana Jaycees, and Miss Earth Guyana – Finalist. During her involvement in pageantry, Gabby became an advocate for what she loves and is passionate about, which is building confidence and empowering young women to the point where they believe and understand that they can be whatever they set out to be. To feed her passion, she launched her own foundation, “The Girl Guild Girl Foundation”, which aims to empower young women across Guyana, and further afield. Gabby strongly believes that dreams are achievable once an individual has a self-empowered mindset. Self-empowerment, she says, comes from being “hungry”. Hungry to succeed, hungry to achieve more in life, hungry to do the right thing, and hungry to overcome any challenges that come your way. It is with this same self-empowered mindset; Gabriella Chapman is heading to the Miss World Guyana 2020, “hungry”. Hungry to be an ambassador for her country, hungry to be a role model in society and hungry to make Guyana proud!

65026243_1600567000079494_4419922381565329408_nJAMICIA MC CALMAN: Born in the culturally diverse land of Guyana and bred in the picturesque island of Tobago is; an International Business Communication student, television producer, founder/director of the Heart to Art foundation and a 2015 Milky Way Foundation Global Youth Ambassador and Country Director. She is, Jamicia Anna Elizabeth Mc Calman. A creative enigma and lover of the arts, Jamicia showcases her scintillating personality through her work as a writer, poet, dancer, psalmist, and professional model. An aspiring film director and policy-maker, she has adopted the words of Trinbagonian Author – Winsie Ann Cuffie which says, “Service and selfishness are bitter enemies. But, service and selflessness are great friends.” Thus, this 22-year- old catalyst has from a tender age dedicated her life to one of service, having been afforded the opportunity to serve in a number of local and international non-governmental organizations.

65512387_1600766453392882_1730549182344724480_nJHADEE GORDON: At the age of 14, Jhadee K. Gordon migrated to the United States of America leaving the land she had called home for her entire life. Almost 10 years later, she has flourished into a vibrant business professional, and although this new land has helped to sculpt her into who she is today, her pride and values lie in Guyana. Jhadee Gordon is a 24 year old Audit Associate at one of the 4 largest accounting firms in the world. She is a Cum Laude graduate of The Virginia State University where she received her degree in Accounting and Finance with distinction. She is an active alumni association member, currently the young alumni chairperson for the college of business and in the inaugural recipient of the Trojan 10 under 10. Her love for accounting and finance has recently branched off into a passion for enhancing financial literacy among her people. For the past two years she has coached friends and seen them exceed their financial potential. Jhadee’s dream is to have a business where she extends financial literacy classes and services to persons age 14-30. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, authoring blogs designed to help immigrants, and spending time with her loved ones.

64662380_1591050131031181_5594694004009598976_nKIMBERLY ADAMS: Kimberly Adams is a 21-year-old marketing strategist in the Blockchain field and an entrepreneur in the VR industry. A passion for design coupled with the drive to promote technological advancements in her region has given her a front row seat to some of the most progressive technologies to date. Kimberly earned her Diploma in Information Technology at the age of 16 from the University of the West Indies, Cavehill Campus, all while completing her CXCs, excelling in the technical subjects such as Electronics, Mathematics, and Physics. She believes that the true meaning of success is how many lives you have empowered with your knowledge and skills. This belief system has fueled her volunteer work and led towards her Beauty With a Purpose initiative.

64329882_1591052014364326_2616412760107384832_nMALESHA MACKOON: Twenty-five years old, Malesha Mackoon, hails from the beautiful town of Rose Hall. She’s Public Health Inspector by profession. She’s friendly, peaceful and an easy going person who loves helping children and the vulnerable which makes her happy. She enjoys playing both indoors and outdoors sports, eating healthy and exercising; and, one day plans on starting a charity that will help those in need. She is always the life of the party with her joyful spirit, sometimes she would sing out loud and make funny movements in her efforts to always making those around her happy during their down times.

65109385_1600488513420676_9047537613354827776_nMARLENA JURAKAN: Marlena Mala Jurakan, born of Guyanese linage, raised in Suriname and now based in the United Kingdom, is currently pursuing her dream career of becoming a certified chef. This 20 year old is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of others, through creating awareness on the health benefits of food and a balanced diet. In 2016 Miss Jurakan earned a Level 1 and Level 2 Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Airport and Aviation at Epping Forest College in London. She has also earned an Intermediate Level Diploma in Business Administration with Ofsted, a governmental department for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills in the United Kingdom. Her most favoured hobbies are cooking healthy cuisines and elegant fine dining dishes, painting and drawing facial abstract art. With A* in high school and finally, name graffiti writing. She believes that it is not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not; so be the girl who just went for it.

66414266_1607667289369465_8251190027443240960_nRESHANA KHAN: Reshana Khan is 18 years old and is proud to be amongst The Miss World Guyana Quarter-finalist 2020. She is from Region number 4, Demerara Mahaica but, currently in Region 8, Mahdia. If chosen to be a finalist for Miss World Guyana; she will be representing Region 8 proudly. Her hobbies include traveling, interacting with people, reading and bonding with her family. She also has a passion for Photography and Modeling. Beauty With A Purpose means exactly what it sounds like to her. Due to the fact that a great charity can be linked to pageantry, gives the ladies the opportunity to break the beauty queen stereotype at the competition and at the same time inspiring children in making a difference.

65036025_1600526606750200_7884842665852796928_nRONECCA ARJUNE: Intricately woven by all that life has taught her is the seventeen years old, Ronecca Arjune emerging tall and proud from the ancient county of Berbice. Lavishly endowed with the epitome of the most sought out qualities of a woman of substance; selfless, industrious, humble and dedicated. She is a student at NAMS currenty pursing her associates in Science strutting down the path of realizing her dream of becoming a general surgeon. She never cringes at a challenge but is careful enough to not prove herself when unnecessary. Her love for children and child support has motivated her in becoming a Sunday school teacher where she helps children to realize their dreams. The question “are we even human, if we ignore the struggles of others, has shaped her thinking as such she is an advocate for the homeless, being a voice for those who are not heard. Ronecca has also advocated for positive self-image, and suicide awareness and prevention during her reign as Miss Multi and Miss New Amsterdam in the past.

63425660_1590839291052265_7934843317903163392_nSASHA HUGHES – WILLIAMS: Sasha J Williams is an honor student pursuing a degree in public relations, advertising, and applied communication, with a minor in social psychology at the Florida international university. Set to graduate in December of this year she will advance into the global strategic communication masters program. Sasha is passionate about mental health advocacy with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); this passion stems from her own experiences as an Autism sibling. Ms. Williams serves as the public relations officer for the Sasha Williams Foundation in Guyana which aims to promote, educate, and advocate for autism. Recently passing along the title of Miss Caribbean students association, Sasha served on the board of directors as philanthropy chair during her reign. Ms. Williams is now geared toward the Miss Guyana title with hopes of representing our nation on the international stage.

64652156_1602735219862672_25210053573214208_nSHERZANA MUNILALL: Sherzana Munilall; an optimistic 19 year old, I am a self-motivated individual who never limits myself and always keep foreseeing. I am a proud graduate of the Institute of Business Education. And a student at the Accountancy Training Center who is currently pursuing a diploma in Business Management, and also a ballet student of the “Let’s Dance” dancing school. I was raised in the village of Triumph on the East Coast of Demerara. With a humble character. I believe in order to be successful in life, you must first work and be committed to your objective. In life’s journey, success comes from determination and dedication. Be patient and never give up! “I will take this opportunity that the Miss World Guyana organization has given me to enhance my abilities to raise an awareness for the mental health DEPRESSION through my Beauty With a Purpose platform via our NGO- “Depression Hurts” that was established by myself, friends, family members and members of the community”.

64702603_1590834024386125_2872426436247945216_nTIFFANI BONNER: Twenty-one year old Tiffani Bonner hails from Georgetown, Guyana. She reflects a complex personality which includes the matchless qualities of ambition, integrity and thoughtfulness. She sees herself as a well-organized and vigorous person, with a pleasant blend of calmness. Her ultimate goal is to become a Grammy-winning recording artiste along with the possibility of owning her own fashion line. She is currently completing the Bachelor’s degree Program in Communication, at The University of Guyana, while actively pursuing my singing career which is her first love. A five-year forecast of her life includes her having completed her Master’s degree in Communication and by then have launched a couple of my releases along with the relevant music videos. In addition, she envisages herself as the Guyanese representative at one of the most prestigious international pageants; such as Miss World, and wish to continue her contributions as a local youth ambassador and role model, through the medium of singing and public speaking. Her belief is simple, “you must never look down on someone unless you’re picking them up.”

Editors Note: Additional Quarter-Finalists profiles will be added upon availability.

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