Meet the Miss World Guyana 2020 Semifinalists!

Majesty International, the official license holders of the Miss World franchise has selected the Semifinalists  to compete in the Miss World Guyana 2020 national competition set for May 2020. Miss World Guyana is the ideal opportunity for young Guyanese ladies to enable personal and professional growth in addition to the promotion of community service, beauty, fitness, and talent. Participation in this annual competition also affords young ladies the opportunity to raise awareness on issues and causes affecting their communities and possible solutions as they serve as Regional Ambassadors of our beloved nation.

The Miss World Guyana Coronation event is the country’s official preliminary to the Miss World pageant, the longest and most prestigious pageant in the world with over 130 countries participating annually. The Miss World Guyana competition commenced in May 1966 and crowned its first Title-holder, Umbilita Van Sluytman, who was also known as the Independence Queen and became Guyana’s first placement and semi-finalist in the Miss World 1966 pageant. The Miss World competition is the first international pageant that Guyana has achieved repeated successes and more so recently with top 10 placements in 2014 with Rafieya Husain and 2015 with Lisa Punch. The organization is currently finalizing a multimillion-dollar prize package including a cash prize of One Million Guyana Dollars for the Miss World Guyana 2020 including USA & UK/EUROPE media tour, promoting Guyana and Guyanese brands internationally.

Miss World 2020 will be the 70th anniversary and edition of the Miss World competition. Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica will crown her successor at the end of the event to be held later this year in Thailand.

Let’s meet the Semifinalists:


Name: Aaliyah Anthony Hometown: Lethem Age: 20

85128937_1844004655735726_8131002299741896704_nName: Alicia Jordan  Hometown: Georgetown/UK  Age: 23

87102923_1842806075855584_2620088904220409856_nName: Aliya Wong Hometown: Georgetown Age: 18

87255852_1842890079180517_8967485693609639936_nName: Celicia Campbell Hometown: Mabaruma Age: 20

85233393_1842847345851457_6723892003353919488_nName: Ederle Kimberly Stephen Hometown: Berbice Age: 21

87299180_1842888012514057_5984609513305538560_nName: Gabriella Chapman Hometown: Bartica Age: 24

87960853_1844610522341806_4632682704788258816_oName: Jamicia Anna Elizabeth Mc Calman Hometown: Georgetown Age: 23

87227107_1842896045846587_796352778527047680_nName: Jhadee K. Gordon Hometown: Georgetown (USA) Age: 24

87293489_1843876429081882_8571860901466996736_nName: Raeshaunna Jones Hometown: Georgetown Age: 20

87150237_1842821085854083_4477421157456281600_nName: Reshana Khan Hometown: Mahdia Age: 18

87278596_1842924809177044_3204436337465753600_nName: Sasha J Williams Hometown: Georgetown Age: 20

87330715_1842782315857960_5874517428355989504_nName: Sherzana Munilall Hometown: Triumph Village Age: 19

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