Miss Emerald Guyana 2020 is Arian Dahlia Richmond!

Guyana’s representative to the first ever Miss Emerald Pageant is Arian Dahlia Richmond. Arian is a 21 year old youth advocate and nature lover. Dahlia was born in the culturally rich Bartica. It was there her passion for nature and teaching blossomed. As Dahlia grew she found helping her peers was innate and that required representation. Pageantry blossomed during her plan to teach holistic education throughout Guyana.

Ms. Richmond realised that our society heavily supports entertainment. A plan was birthed to channel the attention received from being crowned to fuel youth opportunities. Then, Dahlia used her most cherished skill: simply treating others the way she wanted to be treated. This is what propelled her in the Miss Bartica Regatta 2018. After being crowned, she gathered her friends and family who were verse in Spanish, art & craft, health etc to join. Together, they taught over 200 children prior to and after her first pageant experience. The theory was correct and by observation the lessons post pageant were equipped with more learning materials and food for youth. Dahlia’s goal is to channel resources to our youth and provide holistic education. To do this, she kept climbing and gathering fuel. In 2019 she was selected by Caribbean pageant guru, Randy Madray, to represent Guyana at the Miss Caribbean Culture platform. Dahlia cherished the wisdom she was blessed with from the women across the Caribbean. Dahlia sited that she was astonished when she placed second since this was the first time any Guyanese reached the top 5. The respect all models received was unsurpassed and made it an enlightening experience for her.

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Being Miss Emerald Guyana has afforded Dahlia the opportunity to represent the diversity of indigenous people. The Miss Emerald 2020 title will advance the work her team has done over the past five years by holistic teaching .This platform will gift youth in Guyana’s hinterland the access to the tools they deserve to develop their skills. It is her deepest desire to ensure that a child’s dream isn’t left unfulfilled due to the lack of resources. Arian Dahlia Richmond believes that together, we can close the existing gap by building a bridge that allows indigenous people to thrive.

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About Miss Emerald: The Miss Emerald pageant seeks to support and promote the importance of Native American cultures at risk of disappearing, we want to open spaces of support for our ancestors. The Miss Emerald pageant seeks to support and promote awareness of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.  The indigenous peoples face higher rates of physical and mental abuse, poverty, poorer health outcomes and other related issues than all other peoples in the Americas. The first version of the pageant is planned to be 100% virtual pageant, where the candidates for this 2020 version will not have to move or incur any contact and thus minimize the risk of infection. The winner will move to Colombia to live three months to fulfill commitments with sponsors and activities related to the mission of our pageant. The contest is a platform for women of the Americas to have an opportunity to use their voice and talent to develop their projects and also to generate support for Native American tribes. Contest resources are previously declared in the United States, which proves their legality and responsibility.

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