A part-time beauty queen and a full-time manager, Felicia Ally will represent Guyana at Miss Supranational 2021. This a 30 year old model and actress who has worked with many organizations in the world of media, fashion, and public figures was self-appointed as Miss Supranational Guyana 2020. However, due to the pandemic, she will represent Guyana at the 12th edition of the Miss Supranational pageant to be held later this summer in Poland.

Honing over 10 years of experience in the professional and communicative space, this extremely outgoing queen uses her relatable and relevant personality within the entertainment industry. Ally is an Indo-Guyanese American who attended Miami Dade College, centering her studies around Music Business Entertainment Management and Marketing. Working with some of the biggest brands and entertainers, Felicia Ally has contributed to the success of Coke, ESPN, ABC, and HBO. As a working model, Felicia has traveled the world, participating in fashion campaigns in New York, Los Angeles, Jamaica, Guyana, Dubai, and more.

With an extensive background in multiple industries, Felicia was national finalist in Miss Universe Guyana 2017 but ultimately had to dropped out due to personal reasons. She represented Guyana at Miss SuperGlobe in 2018 where she copped the Miss Congeniality Award and secured a spot in the Top 10. Earlier this year, Felicia represented the State of Taxes in Elite Miss Earth USA and secured a spot in the Top 8. A visionary, leader, inspiration, and an agent of change, Felicia Ally is on the frontlines to reduce her footprint and make an ecological difference. As Miss Supranational Guyana 2020/2021, Felicia’s voice is stronger than ever and she hopes to collaborate with like-minded organizations to further her outreach and personal platform.

Standing on the initiative of “Think Global, Act Local”, Felicia Ally dives deep into the discrepancies of Texas neighborhoods, focusing on sustainability and safety for Texans. With a mission statement of “Restore, Sustain, and Gain”, Felicia partnered with Texas State Parks, organizing immediate clean-up programs in hopes to restore the land. She also participated in numerous food distribution projects, providing adequate resources for San Antonio families in need. Ally’s volunteerism continues as she supported the expansion of aquaponics, turbines, and solar panels to fuel multiple long-lasting environmental initiatives. Felicia Ally’s humanitarian efforts can be seen on a global spectrum as well. She executed mission trips in Jamaica and Haiti while playing an instrumental part with the ‘Sponsor a Kid’ program. Through her devotion for youth, Felicia started a youth empowerment panel entitled, “Speak for the Youth”, that consisted of outsourcing up and coming artists to speak to kids about their triumphs and hurdles and their success story of overcoming adversities. From working with Grammy Award winning producers, to chasing her dreams to becoming an aspiring actress, this beauty hopes to use her sash and crown to make a difference one renewable resource at a time.

Guyana debuted at Miss Supranational in 2016 where Jaleesa MarChell Peterkin went unplaced at the pageant.  The Miss Supranational contests began in 2009 and were held in Poland except 2013 which was in Minsk, Belarus, and 2016, which was co-hosted with Poprad, Slovakia. World Beauty Association (WBA), S.A. based in Panama City, Panama, is the organizing company of Miss Supranational since its inception.

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