Miss Black San Guyana

Guyana’s representative to the Annual Miss Black San Swimsuit Pageant held in the island of St. Kitts.


29433153_1021712944634933_1169164100257710080_n (1)2017-Faydeha Cathylyna King.

Age: 25

Height: 5’ 9”

Hometown: Corriverton

Occupation: Student & Model

Language: English

Placement: Winner


Guyana’s representative to the 2nd annual Miss Black San’ International Swimsuit Pageant is  Faydeha Cathylyna King. Faydeha is a social ill practitioner who is currently completing her degree in social work and masters in psychology.

The believe that Mental health issues is a big contribution to the social ills of today’s society has been the passion behind her studies and profession, giving her an opportunity to make a difference, one person at a time. Her love for children has driven her to volunteer as a counsellor at a children’s home and correctional centre (Sophia home). Being a country girl from a small town call Corriverton, Berbice located on the eastern side of Guyana, has thought her to be a nature lover. Her beautiful country is one of the world’s remaining blocks of virgin tropical rainforest and has a variety of fauna.

Faydeha is an extrovert who’s personality varies from tomboyish, through which she obtained titles as a national cyclelist during her teen years and now a radiant beauty ambassador who participated and placed in the top 5 for more than 8 different pageants and won 4. Miss Skeldon high, Miss Berbice, Miss Bartica regatta, Miss Jamzone , Miss Universe,  Miss Caribbean Culture Guyana, Miss Caribbean Culture Regional, and Miss global international. This 25 years old is a professional counsellor  who lives by the motto, life doesn’t have a remote so get up and change it yourself, words of wisdom from her favourite motivator, her mother. The local director is renowned Guyanese designer  Randy Madray.  Randy will serve as the official designer for Faydeha throughout the pageant.

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Congratulations to Miss Guyana Faydeha  King for winning the 2nd  Miss. Black San’ Regional Queen crown and title. It was a back to back win for Guyana, Ms King also copped the top spot of some of the sub-competitions (Best Top Designer Swimwear, Best in Identical Swimwear and Best Battle of the Brushes).


43278449_10102106041507820_4583057600383287296_o2017-Xamiera Petra Kippins.

Age: 21

Height: 5’ 9”

Hometown: Alberttown

Occupation: Student & Model

Language: English, French, Portuguese & Spanish

Placement: Winner


I reflect a personality of generosity, optimism, determination, ambition and thoughtfulness. I believe in hard work for achieving the goals we set out for in life. As humans we tend to look for the easy way out of everything. Nothing good comes easy. There are no shortcuts or detours. Much work and effort is required on our part. There’s so little we can see from our perspective but there is one who has the big picture view and it is important that we follow the blueprint that he has given us. We should always believe in ourselves. Believe that we can achieve great things with His help and never give up. We are never too old or too uneducated to learn and do more.

Born and bred in the heart of Albert Town with my two sisters, brother and parents we lived a quiet life in our cosy home. I had wonderful years at Stella Maris Primary School. I was carefree and enjoyed every bit of it. I then transitioned to The Bishops’ High School, where I was moulded into the well-rounded individual I am today. And for that I am most thankful. As a teenager my family and I moved west to Essequibo Islands-West Demerara and I absolutely enjoy the sounds of country! From the sound of the mooing cows to the man selling fish at 6 am yelling “Fish! Fish”. Inspired by my passion for fashion and expression, I am an international model, fashion blogger/writer and fitness enthusiast. As the reigning Miss Fitness Paradise 2016, Miss Bikini 2016 and Miss Best Legs 2016, I use my title to encourage positive body image and high self esteem in not just youth but adults as well. In 2016 I embraced my interest in pageantry by competing in the Miss Universe Guyana Pageant which not only taught me a lot about myself but also the true meaning of sisterhood.

I view it as a great responsibility to be an ambassador for Guyana to the rest of the world. Not only is it a way to give others the opportunity to embrace and appreciate who we are but it is also a way to create avenues for young individuals like myself, allowing for the development of their talents which will contribute and improve society. With a love for learning I aim to pursue higher education in business management in order to achieve my dream as a business owner in the fashion industry as well as improve on my brand as a model. At only 21 I am on the pursuit for greatness and won’t stop until I achieve it.

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Congratulations to Miss Guyana Xamiera Kippins for winning the first ever Miss. Black San’ Regional Queen 2017 crown and title. It was a clean sweep for Guyana as Ms. Kippins copped the top spot for all of the sub-competitions (Best Vintage Swimwear,Best Top Designer Swimwear, Best Top Model, Best in Identical Swimwear, Best Battle of the Brushes, and Best Interview)


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